Overnight Shipping for California Only

Shipping Policy 

We ship Tuesday through Friday. Orders Received after 5 pm Thursday May not ship until  the following week. 


Out of Stock Items 

Orders with out of stock Items will be held until order is complete. We will contact you by email or phone if your order has an out of stock item. 

Incorrect Shipping address

All items are perishable and we sympathize with those who make the mistake of entering the wrong address. Unfortunately any order with a wrong address will be rerouted at your expense but there is no guaranty of the quality. All Items are Packed for optimal shipping for 24 hours but will expire after 36 hours. 

Military and PO Boxes 

We love  and appreciate our service people, but due to the efficiency of the Military Postal Service as Well as PO Boxes we encourage you to call orders in and we will make special arrangements to try to accommodate.